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We answer complex questions using customized analytic and market research techniques
Using high-quality research methods and tools, our findings, frameworks, and guides will enhance how your business interacts with consumers, stakeholders, industry peers, and business-to-business partners


Questionnaires, focus groups, descriptive modeling, data mining, forecasting, program evaluations, experimental and applied designs, conjoint methods, consumer segmentation analyses, marketing metrics, customer experience evaluations, secondary data analyses, literature reviews (among other customizable projects).



Comprehensive advisory personnel that interpret empirical results granularly. Our methods are supported by expert analyses and superior responsiveness, two vital elements for business decision-making. We also help in the development of business, marketing, and communication plans.



The highest level of collecting, organizing, scraping, and data management techniques, which yield interpretative, highly professional, and defensible reports. Our experts produce headlines and insights that are easily and seamlessly communicated to stakeholders, consumers, and interest groups. 

WRG Research is the solution for all your research needs

WRG employs a wide range of academic researchers, enabling the company to excel with client engagement and project implementation through reporting and recommendations. We specialize in market profiling and analysis, consumer behavior, management and organizational behavior...

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“… NFL UK launched a pilot community football and character program and was committed to truly understanding the impact of the program and to gain insights, which would inform effective program design. WRG provided outstanding research framework and recommendations. We were able to work with them to develop a range of deliverables and messaging that would be relevant to and meet both internal and external stakeholder needs. WRG provided outstanding service, support, and professionalism. They were easy to work with and understood how to provide salient and actionable results to help us achieve our goals while maintaining excellent research integrity."

– Julian Mellini | Insights and Analytics, National Football League (NFL)

"... The golf industry was looking for a dependable company to deliver credible facts to industry executives, golf course owners, golf professionals and the golfing public. We found that dependable company in WRG Research. The data WRG provided are being used by professionals in the golf industry each and every day."

– Cathy Harbin | Vice President for Golf Revenue, ClubCorp USA

We are an 'academic collective' consisting of scholars and analysts with methodological skills related to any research question.


When you call to discuss a project, we’ll listen, ask questions, and provide an initial recommendation. If you decide to work with us, we will draft a customized proposal and recruit researchers with expertise for the project.

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